Südstern 44 - The Dampfwalze
Da sich auf dem Cover bestätigt, was der CD-Player anzeigt: 1 Track mit 69:53 lässt sich hier wohl schwer von einem "Song" sprechen. The Dampfwalze ist also ein gesangsloser Longtrack auf einer CD und enthält ca. so viel Musik wie ein Album mit 10 Stücken. Der Track entwickelt sich in der Zeit und präsentiert diverse Spielarten des Psychedelic und Spacerocks, viel Wah Wah, Ambient Sounds und das alles überwiegend groovy und treibend mit echten Spacepassagen. Ein weiteres Produkt aus dem Hause Sula Bassana, laut Cover mit einem Stereomikrophon von Elli (Bass) aufgenommen und das tatsächlich mit einem sehr gut hörbaren Sound. Sollte in einer Dave Schmidt Sammlung nicht fehlen!
Doc für Moonhead Magazin Nr. 15 (2006)

Südstern 44 - The Dampfwalze (SOS 015)
From Aural Innovations #34 (August 2006)
This is a limited edition CD-R of 100 copies on the new Sulatron Label run by Dave Schmidt (Sula Bassana, Liquid Visions, Zone Six, Psychedelic Monster Jam). The label will release limited edition CD-Rs and other stuff, as well as a cool new mail order place. Anyway, this is described as psychedelic post rock and it is one 67 minute long jam recorded in 2004. It maintains quite a good flow and is best when the groove is heavy and the guitars really kick it up a notch. Sula plays guitar and is joined by another guitar, bass and drums (members of Zone Six and Weltraumstaunen). If you would like to hear one long tripped out track that goes up and down and in and out, then check this one out. Some very good stuff. Oh yeah.. it costs 7€. This band will have a release on Nasoni in October this year. If you dig: Zone Six, Sula Bassana, CAN, Electric Orange, Øresund Space Collective.
Reviewed by Scott Heller


Südstern 44: The Dampfwaltze, (SOS 015)
This is a 70-minute-long, psychedelic jam session featuring members of Zone Six and Weltraumstaunen. This CD-R really has only one, really long track of improvised music played with two guitars, bass and drums recorded in 2004. The track begins with a really psychedelic, laid-back and bubbling delay guitar that soon changes into heavy psych/acid guitar jam feast. The musicians jam very tightly without any sing of getting tired or bored and the end result sounds at times like a cross-breeding of Bevis Frond and Marble Sheep. Occasionally I’m also reminded of the rehearsal jams of Dark Sun… The atmosphere is rather 70’s styled, I think. This is really hard stuff, until the track cools down somewhere in the middle. Then they go with full power again, and I guess stoner fans could like this too. The very end is also peaceful, psychedelic delay guitar stuff that fits well after this otherwise rather raw jamming. Although the music was recorded with just a little stereo mike, the sound quality is totally OK, and Dave Schmidt has done a good job editing the whole thing. I’m looking forward to the band’s actual debut album that should be out on Nasoni this autumn.
16.10.06 by Dj Astro at Psychotropic Zone